Prism Inflatable Light

This warranty is limited to the Prism Inflatable Lighting System and its accessories when distributed by Prism Lighting Services, LLC (manufacturer) and its authorized agents / dealers-

PIL 1000 12 months from the date of purchase

PIL 1000 G 12 months from the date of purchase

Blower motor 900 working hours

1000W MH Bulb – no warranty on the same.

The warranty is applicable only to defects in material & workmanship and manufacturing defects.

The warranty is voided in cases of physical damage, not following proper instructions as mentioned and high voltage electrical issues.

Prior to requesting an RMA, please take the time to troubleshoot the Inflatable Light as mentioned in the product manual and read the Warranty information again. We would recommend calling the office and speaking to the Service Department to make sure that the product can only work if repaired at the factory.

The following steps outline Prism’s RMA creation process. Each step must be completed to ensure that your RMA request is processed. The required form fields must be provided.

  • Click on the country where you need to RMA the product
  • Enter your shipping and contact information
  • Specify the product(s) or part(s) that you would like for warranty service
  • An email will be sent to Prism with the necessary details and you will receive specific instructions for returning your defective unit for replacement via email
  • The customer will send the defective unit

Shipping Terms

The customer is responsible for shipping costs related to the return of the defective product(s). Prism bears the cost of shipping replacement units via UPS / FedEx Ground only in the continental United States. Expedited shipping (2 Day and Next Day) is only available upon request, but note that the customer bears the cost of this type of shipping.

Prism Balloon Light

The Warranty on these units are for 12 months against any manufacturing defects. However normal wear and tear of the unit in use is not covered.

Prism Flood Light

The Warranty on the complete units are for 12 months against any manufacturing defects. The reflector is warranted for 5 years, subject to inspection, however normal wear and tear of the unit in use is not covered.

Return Merchandise Authorization
Welcome to Prism’s RMA web-page. We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to non-functioning of our product.

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