• Is this tower designed for long-term lighting services?
  • No, the tower is designed for short-term applications and emergency needs only. However, you can run multiple towers alternatively to run through out the night.

  • The inflatable tower can withstand up to what wind speeds?
  • The tower can withstand upto 35 mph wind speed with patented stainless steel stabilizing poles and guy ropes with sand bags

  • What is the life of Inflatable tower ?
  • The product has been used all over the world since the past 13 years. We have not seen any degradation in the performance of the tower over a period of time. It is designed to be used in case of emergencies or other applications and is not used for regular night lighting purposes, hence the tower can be used for a long time with proper maintenance.

  • Can the whole unit be easily lifted and transported?
  • Weight of the towers –

    • PIL 1000 – 55 lbs
    • PIL 1000G – 110 lbs (with gas)
    • PIL NiteLite® – 27 lbs

    It can be lifted easily and transported in the back of a minivan or SUV.

  • How long can we operate the inflatable tower ?
  • The tower can be run for 4-5 hours continuously and then it needs to be cooled down for 1-2 hours before operating it again.

  • Is it possible to operate the tower during fog/dust/light rain ?
  • Yes, it is possible to operate the tower under the above conditions with the rain cover mounted on the tower before the operation.

  • Do we have different versions in the tower ?
  • Yes, currently the PIL 1000 and PIL 1000G models have the height of inflated balloon at 15 feet and use a 1000W metal halide lamp.
    PIL NiteLite® model has the height of inflated balloon at 9 feet and uses a 250W metal halide lamp. We also have an option in the PIL 1000 and PIL 1000G models – height adjustable balloon with zippers for controlling the height from 9 feet to 15 feet.

  • What accessories are provided with tower ?
  • Accessories –
    1) Stainless Steel Stabilizing poles
    2) Protective Rain cover
    3) Storage Cover
    4) Tool kit bag (can be strapped on to the frame) comprising of:

      a. screw driver(s)
      b. self-adhesive rip stop
      c. plug spanner
      d. manual
      e. spare nuts and bolts
  • Can we ask for any modification for our use only ?
  • Every modification request will be taken on a case by case basis making sure that we stay within the manufacturing guidelines and design, and will depend on the quantities involved.

  • What is the time taken to inflate the balloon ?
  • PIL 1000 – It takes 30 seconds to inflate & around 4 minutes for the best illumination level.
    PIL NiteLite® – It takes 15 seconds to inflate & around 3 minutes for the best illumination level.

  • What is the built up air pressure inside the inflatable tower ?
  • Air pressure after inflation is about 15-17mb OR 0.015 kg/cm2.

  • What is the life of the blower motors & how long can they be run continuously ?
  • The life of the blower motor is 900 working hours and it can be run continuously for 4-5 hours.

  • What is the power requirement of the blower ?
  • 80 Watts for each blower. (2 blowers – 160W)

  • What is the speed of the blower motor ?
  • It is around 15000 RPM after inflation.

  • Can the tower inflate with 1 blower?
  • No, both blowers are need for stability and proper inflation.

  • Why the continuously blown air into the inflatable tower does not burst the cloth ?
  • The air that is continuously blown into the inflatable tower to keep the tower stable does not burst because the synthetic fabric has a low grade of porosity.

  • What happens when the blowers shut down ?
  • The air release zipper during inflation is supposed to be in the closed position so that the balloon does not deflate fast. The balloon will hang to the side of the stabilizing pole. Then the air release zipper should be opened to let the air out.

Balloon Cloth
  • What is the specification on the balloon cloth ?
  • This specially coated synthetic fabric has three different layers:

    • Polyester on outside
    • Polyurethane inside
    • Aluminum sheet at the top that works as a reflecting surface.
  • How can we clean the balloon cloth if it gets dirty ?
  • You can use any cleaning liquid (like 409) and spray lightly on the balloon and rub it with a clean washcloth or paper towel. Make sure you do not spray on any electrical parts.

  • Can the bulb burn the cloth after prolonged use ?
  • There is a lot of heat generated by the bulb and there is a protective cage around it so that it does not touch and burn the cloth. However you need to cool the bulb for 10 minutes before you start the deflation process and folding the balloon cloth back.

  • How do you fold the balloon cloth ?
  • After the bulb is cooled, turn the blowers off, unzip the Air release zipper, hold the wire cage at the top and then twist it around 90 degrees so that the wire cage is parallel to the base and then start folding the balloon cloth on the wire cage by deflating the air continuously. Put the folded cloth on the top of the fiber cover and secure it with the elastic flap. If you are putting the unit inside the storage case, then put the folded cloth in the space behind the CG box on top of the sliding tray. Then put the unit inside the storage case.

  • What is the source of light and does the entire balloon cloth glow ?
  • There is a 250W or 1000W metal halide lamp at the top of the inflated tower and the entire balloon cloth does not glow.

  • What is the highest temperature the cloth can sustain ?
  • It can sustain a temperature of 90-100 degree centigrade (200° Fahrenheit).

  • What is the life of the fabric used for the tower ?
  • It depends upon the operating conditions, proper care, frequency of use etc.

  • What are the power requirements for the light tower ?
  • For countries using 110V, 60 Hz power –

    • PIL NiteLite® – 8 Amps, 500 Watts
    • PIL1000 & PIL 1000G – 10 Amps, 1400Watts


    For countries using 220V, 50 Hz power –

    • PIL NiteLite® – 7 Amps, 500 Watts
    • PIL1000 & PIL 1000G – 8 Amps, 1400Watts
  • What kind of generator do you use ?
  • For the USA and Canadian markets – HONDA EU2200i for the PIL 1000G models.
    For other international markets – Local 3 KVA and above or Honda Eu20i generator for our PIL 1000G model.

  • What is the runtime of the generators ?
  • HONDA EU2200i – 1.1 gallons tank capacity – 4 hours @ rated load

  • How do you refuel the Honda Eu2200i generators ?
  • The crossbar needs to be unscrewed, the sliding tray to be unlocked and slid out for the generator to slide out, refuel it and then slide it back in and lock the sliding tray. Then screw the crossbar back.

  • If the inflatable tower gets damaged (cut), how to repair it ?
  • It shall not affect the inflation of the tower significantly if the cut is less than 1 inch. TEAR-Aid patch is provided in the tool kit for the damage with instructions.

  • What is the normal maintenance procedure ?
  • When not in use, the unit needs to be inside the storage case and placed in a sheltered environment.
    Check the balloon cloth periodically for any minor cuts or dirt.
    Check the circlip around the base of the balloon cloth before operation and make sure it is tight.
    Check the blower mounting plate and ensure it is tight to avoid any air leakage.