• Our LED’s are very efficient: our 500 watt light only pulls 4.5 amps, where a 2000-watt halogen light pulls approx 16 amps and is not as bright.
  • Instant re-strike, extremely mobile, and can be plugged into any 110 -230 V outlet.
  • Our LED cells last on average 100,000 hours and upwards of 120,000.
  • Can be powered by an inverter, solar panel or battery pack of its remote locations because for its low amp draw.
  • Can be attached to a small generator on a roll cart for easy mobility, great for flagger stations or anywhere diffused lighting needs to be mobile.
  • Our balloon design allows for the extremely bright and directed LED cells light to be filtered and diffused so that it is easy on the eyes and safe to work around.
  • Ideal for year-round use, even in extreme conditions: weather-resistant, water proof, UV-resistant, and fire-retardant balloon.


Min. & Max. Height 77 inches x 120 inches
Base Spread Dia. 60 inches
Center Tube Dia. 1.5 inches
Folded Height 58 inches
Weight 7 Kg /15 Lbs.

Cost-Saving LED lighting that is easy to move & perfect for year-round use.

Our 500 watt & 900 watt LED Light balloons are so efficient, you get longer life with an impressively low amp draw. Plus, the compact, easy-to-move design makes set-up simple, so you save money, energy and time!

OPTICAL PARAMETERS PBL 500 (500 Watts LED) PBL 900 (900 Watts LED)
Lumen Output 

(Without Balloon)

58500 Lm 103500 Lm
LED Lumen Efficacy 140  Lm/w 140  Lm/w
Beam Angle 120o 120o
Color Temperature 6500 K 6500 K

MECHANICAL PARAMETERS PBL 500 (500 Watts LED) PBL 900 (900 Watts LED)
Dimensions L 380 x B 380 x H 615 mm L 380 x B 380 x H 725 mm
Weight 14.75 Kg / 32.52 lbs 16.75 Kg / 37 lbs


Area of Illumination

Prism Balloon Light 500

Prism Balloon Light 900