Morrow County Emergency Management in Ohio purchased one of your PIL 1000 light sets in 2008 for use in emergencies where temporary lighting was needed in remote areas. We have deployed the light set on five different occasions, used it on two major fires and three law enforcement criminal investigations. This light set is great. It makes working around dangerous situations so much more safer at night because of the light that this system puts out, 360 degree lighting. We have used it in the woods where conventional lighting could not be used, along a river bank on a recovery mission, in fields where fire apparatus could not travel because of the terrain and we have set it up at two of our county fairs. I like this light system so well that I just ordered the smaller version, the PIL 250 for smaller more confined areas. One other notable factor about this light set is that when it is fully lit up, it is highly visible for miles from land and air, no mistaking this land mark in the night time. I use a Honda EU2000 generator in the field and it will run for about 3 1/2 to 4 hours before it becomes necessary to refuel.

Joseph A. EdwardsDirector Morrow County Emergency Management, OH