We actually have access to two of the Prism Inflatable Lights and they are awesome.

Missouri is broken down into Highway Patrol Region and in NW MO, we are in Region H and there are 15 mostly rural counties in our Region. The Region H Homeland Security Regional Response Team has one and MOSIAC Life Care has one and I believe there are two others in out Region one @ Cameron EMS and one @ Nodaway County EMS.
The Region H Homeland Security Region Response Team is located in St. Joseph Missouri; we are part of Missouri Region H which includes 15 mostly rural counties.  A few years ago, I attended the Missouri State Emergency Management Conference and saw the Prism Inflatable Lighting Portable on display. I attended an outside demonstration of the light and was greatly impressed by the amount of light that it puts out.  The Region H Team purchased one of the lights as we sometimes answer hazmat calls late at night in the country. Prism Lights are easy to use and produce lots of light.  Based upon our use of the Prism Light, the Region H Homeland Security Oversight Committee (RHSOC) purchased three additional light to be utilized in Region H.  The light that the Region H Team owns is used for various public events in Region H.

Bill Brinton, EMD, Region H Hazmat, Buchanan County