The problem
How can one person alone in 5 minutes illuminate an area arching over 17000 sq. ft. (1900 sq. yd.), without access to power, utilizing a low-cost system that is easily transportable in the trunk of an ordinary automobile?

The solution: Prism Inflatable Light
The Prism Inflatable Light (PIL) is characterized by a supporting structure in synthetic fabric and an air-inflated cylinder, which raises the light source up to 4.5 meters (15 feet) high and provides excellent illumination over the area.

The whole structure can be easily made to function by a single person, in conditions of complete darkness, in less than 3 minutes, making it possible to illuminate areas up to 17000 sq. ft. (1900 sq. yd.).

One person can raise the PIL with metal halide lamp (1000W equivalent to 95000 lm of brightness) to a height of up to 4.5 meters (15 feet), without using a metallic structure, in order to allow illumination over a vast area, in just a few seconds. A series of axial fans constantly inflate air into the supporting structure, in which sufficient pressure is generated to guarantee the necessary stability to the system, bringing the light source up to the best operative level. During the inflation stage the structure is enlarged vertically and can be made to operate even in narrow spaces. Anchorage of the structure by stainless steel stabilizing poles allows the system to operate even with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. The system can be supplied with an autonomous generator with a weight and dimension that make it possible for only one person to operate the system, and it can be transported in the trunk of an ordinary minivan/SUV !!

Prism Lighting Services, LLC is the official licensee for the application and production of the Prism Inflatable Lighting System all over the world.


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