The PETL Light technology has been evaluated by various organizations with very positive results. A few examples follow:

  • The manufacturer of the PETL Lights and the PETL Light technology have been vetted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s, “Safety Act” program and have been designated a, “Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology”. The PETL Light technology has also been certified an, “Approved Product for Homeland Security”.
  • The IAB (Inter-Agency Board) has evaluated the PETL Lights and has associated them with two SEL (Standardized Equipment List) numbers. SEL 03OE-03-GLRL – System, Marking Green Line/Red Line, and SEL 09MS-01-TTAG – Tags and Supplies, Triage
  • U.S. Army PEO Soldier evaluated. Lab tested MIL STD 810 and we passed. The Sept 2013 LUE report found the PETL Lights were preferred to chemlights and that all medics who participated found them more beneficial than chemical lights for MEDEVAC/triage
  • Various AAR’s
  • Outdoor enthusiasts have written write ups