Averting Disaster with Portable Inflatable Lights

Averting Disaster with Portable Inflatable Lights

While it’s impossible to prevent some misfortunes, you’d be amazed at how much our lights can help you recover from the disaster. Here are a few instances when our portable inflatable lights would come very much in handy, so you can be prepared for whatever you do:

Post hurricanes clean up:

After the hurricane has destroyed everything in its path, rescue teams have to work 24×7 in order to take care of people, pets, and anything they can salvage. Electricity is not available, and the rescue teams have to use generators and portable lights in order to work efficiently at night. Prism Inflatable Lights are the right choice for the rescue operations.

Features of portable inflatable lights:

• Lightweight, Foldable & Portable & One-person operation
• Power provided by Honda Eu2200i inverter generator
• Set up time – less than 2 minutes
• Takes 30 seconds to inflate and in 3 minutes illuminates 17000 sq feet
• Anti-glare 360-degree lighting makes it easy to work
• Cools and Deflates (folds back) easily in less than 10 minutes
• Conveniently transported in the trunk of a minivan or SUV

Customer Feedback:

Thanks again for your time and providing a wonderful product. Everyone is skeptical when they hear of an inflatable light, but all the snickering stops once the light is turned on. Once the responders have a chance to use it, they become vocal supporters wherever they go.